Monday, October 30, 2006


The HE SHE below.....The first one has done the right thing....She is out of the house....Planning to file divorse......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

World Must Be Crazy

Situation 1

He , She married to each other.....He Software Engineer .She ex-software engineer now house wife.Young couple.....She gets beatings at times....over possesive husband the extent that she isnt supposed to go out of house ....not supposed to talk to parents relatives and brothers....She requests every relatives of her to co operate and not trouble her by calling etc etc....Everyone feels she should come out from it....... But not she....

Situation 2

He ,She married to each other.....He Software Engineer She Software engineer.....both really wonderful people.....She feels she is not really okay with this marriage and feels sad....He doenst have a clue about it....Everyone feels she should be the happeiest person with He .....But Not She

Situation 3

He ,She had been together for 7 years......He Software Engineer...She Software Engineer....young people ....Lately they both are seperated.He wants to work it out still loves her.She doenst want to work out and feels she would get a better person as her life partner for sure.EveryOne around feel they can easily work it out and the problems are pretty normal......But not she........

Situation 4

She is working in a private college as a lecturer....youg girl....
Parents seeing a groom for her for the past 5 years.Nothing really working out.She thinks she has to just get married to some one.Can be any one.should be a person who would just love her and take care of her and mainly somebody who her parents chooses.....Everyone around her feels she is beautiful and should be ready to marry somebody who proposed to her recently.....But not she.....

All the above are real life incidents happening around people think differently....strange....who said all women are from venus. :)....

Monday, May 22, 2006


Amidst all the criticism all the mistakes all the inexperience we are here to accomplish and we are here to win.
We will win and time will tell you whether what i say is true.
For all the people who read so many things negative in orkut and the other sites....just laugh guys....
1)Somebody may not be for Lok paritran but for somebody to be against them ....well something fundemantally has to be really wrong.....Reason.....Lok Paritran hasnt done anything to be against them....
2) People who crib and dont do anything ....well....when you go on the road less travelled and in the dark.....the dogs do bark....
if you stop to find out why are gone.....your caravan should keep moving amidst all these....and that what lok paritran is doing.....
3) Crap you read in orkut another Lok paritran hate sites.....well ....I have stopped reading dont go to the public toilet and start reading whats written in the walls...... do you....?
Anybody reading this....please dont give me the advice of constructive criticism....etc etc etc.....if you want things to go really constructive call the leaders (the number are there at and tell them how to be constructive with which ever point you have.....
And trust me we will continue to do mistakes....and ofcourse improve on it.....
and all the guys who talk about LP's ideology being not allright....and idealogy is not the primary thing......Cool....LP will have its ideology above all....Thats what is gona work long time.......

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lyrics and a very rough translation of Lok Parithran Theme

Verse 1 "Poruththadhu pOdhum pongi ezhundhOmpOreeda vaareer indhiyaraeTheemaigalh nammai ini aalhvadhillai, koorida vaareer Indhiyarae"(2)

The wait is over, the uprising has begun, join the revolution fellow IndiansThe rule of the evil is no more, say it loud fellow Indians

Verse 2 "Baerangalh, vyaabaarangalh ini vaendaam vaendaam arasiyalilNaeram pirandhadhu naermai uyarndhida nal vazhi kaanbOm indhiyarae"

Say no to bargaining and business in politicsThe time has come, let's find a righteous way to uphold the truth.(chorus)Poruththadhu...

(3)Verse 3 "lanjamum, poiyyum, laaba nOkkamum, padhavi peraamal OttiduvOmezhai elhiyavar vaazhvu valham pera saadhanai seidhae kaattiduvOm"

Let's drive away the lies and profit motives that masquerade as humans from gaining power.Let's make better the lives of the poor and down-trodden which is the real achievement.


Lok Paritran Theme Song

please go to this link to get the Lok Paritran Theme song

Monday, May 01, 2006

Three Cheers to Lok Paritran

THis is an article by prabhu karthik(

When myself and my friend and colleague Karthik Shankaran decided to go for a walk in Elliots beach on saturday evening, never did we imagine that we would be campaigning for a political party from the next day. But that was precisely what we ended up doing. That saturday evening, we came face to face with Santhanagopalan Vasudev, one of Lok Paritran’s founder members and one who is contesting this assembly elections from Mylapore constituency and Mr. Srikanth, a Bangalore based legal adviser to the party. We got to read Santhanagopalan’s election manifesto leaflets and this was so different from the ‘free everything except wife and children’ offered by other political bigwigs. For the first time, somebody was talking about quality healthcare to those living below poverty line through group insurance schemes. We just got curious and wanted to talk to him about his expectations in this elections and his long term ideas for Tamil Nadu and this country vis-à-vis Lok Paritran. Santhanagopalan had a few visitors (while he was canvassing in the beach) and so Srikanth came forward to answer our queries. The following are some of the points emerged.
The party is expremely positive about its prospects in Mylapore, T Nagar and Mudugulathur(Ramnad District). And this was well beyond their wildest expectations when they decided to contest in this elections sometime back.
This is not a group which would pack its bags and return back to the United States after this election. They are well aware of the hardships involved in starting a political party and contesting elections. If they just wante to flirt with politics, they would've rather contested as independent candidates
They are eyeing the Gujarat elections in 2007 and the Delhi assembly polls in 2008. This TN election is to gain visibility and acceptance among the electorate by virtue of their policies.
They are very clear and prepared on what to expect and the obstacles they may have to face from other well established political parties.
They realize that they may not have solutions to all the problems faced by the people but are determined to find out the solutions and are keen to implement them sincerely.Srikanth, when questioned about how he encounters people who have doubts about their long term plans has this to say, "Sure when we go for donations, there are people who say 'How do i know you will be around?' and i always respond, 'Fine, i will come to you after the elections'. Srikanth requested us to take up some volunteer work. Since the following day was a Sunday, myself and Karthik decided to do some door-to-door campaigning. We were asked to come to Besant Nagar terminus at around 10:15 in the morning. I was really curious to find out the kind of volunteers who would accompany us.

(A bunch of Lok Paritran workers)But the kind of people who turned up made me feel optimistic about India’s prospects. Now it’s not often that you find software engineers working for a political party for free not to mention young college girls involved in door-to-door campaign in that soaring heat. We, along with our customary white Lok Paritran T-shirts, were the cynosure of all eyes.The group of yellow T Shirt clad folks who were doing election work for DMK were no match for our spirits and enthusiasm. There is a world of difference between a bunch of crowd who do it for money and people who do it for a cause.There was about 12 of us at the beginning. We’d splitted into 2 of six each. We started with CPWD quarters and covered areas like BENCO Colony etc in about an hour and half. We knocked in almost each and every door in those two areas.The response varied from mildly amused to overwhelmingly positive. Many of them had read about Lok Paritran (thanks to Sudhish)One maami countered me like this“Yaaru indha IIT pasanga ellam arambichurukele, andha katchiya?”Me, thinking she would appreciate us, nodded eagerly “Ama maami”“Ungalukku ellam vera velaye illaya?”Now, I did not expect this question. Maami continued, “Padikara vayasile padikama, ipdi suthindu irundha enna artham?Unga appa amma ellam onnum solla maataala?”“Ellam padichu mudichavaa dhaan maami!”Maami did not let me continue“Nee enna panrey ?”“Naan software la irukken”“Katchi arambichurukaale? Ava ellam”“Ellam padichuttu america ellam poittu, thirumba vandhirukka maami”Now, Maami was relieved.“App seri. Naan neenga ellam padikumbodhey idhellam pan relo nu nenachen”Ahaa!.There were quite a few instances where people visibly let out their frustrations with the two main parties who have been ruling and ruining Tamil Nadu for the past 30 years.“Koncham munadiye arambichuruka koodadha pa?” was another common refrain from the voters.Another encounter I will remember was one former Vice-chancellor of some university who has written a leaflet about whom to vote for. He handed me that as soon as I handed Lok Paritran’s leaflet. All in all, I would say, a very interesting experience. Karthik was much more active than me, in that I had to return home that noon to meet another friend and fellow blogger who also happens to be a close friend of my once close friend :D(I’ll give the link after I get his permission:D)Santhanam has visited some slums around Mylapore and the response, I hear, has been overwhelmingly positive.The message is loud and clear. Lok Partitran is here with some seriously good intentions and a beginning has been made in Tamil Nadu. If they continue and if we encourage them and support them, Tamil Nadu and India can look up for some visible change for the better in 10-15 years time. It is in our hands as much as it is in Lok Paritran’s. I belong to Tambaram constituency, where Lok Paritran does not contest. Here I am planning to cast my vote on “Murasu” next Monday. This is not because I am a great fan of Vijaykanth. But I am tired of seeing these two principal parties who have ruined Tamil nadu for the past 30 years. I don’t have the patience to put up with this bunch of jokers anymore.IMPORTANTIn another note, Lok Paritran is looking for volunteers. They have plans to take up a small rally in two-wheelers in and around some parts of Chennai where it will not be feasible to go door-to door campaigning. Folks, who are in Chennai and who can come along in their bikes can please contact Karthik at 98405 25103 right away.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My best friends Poetry

I walked through the gates rusted
Trespassed by us most of the times
Saw the trees without leaves but still strong
There still lies the name lists in the stem
My heart pulsated to see the bench
The Bench of ultimate joy ness
Yes, It was there still same and with a novelty
I sat and floated there with my thoughts
And it embraced me with same affection
I can still feel the sweet smell of gayness
Every bit in the ambience
Reeking jubilation all over the place
When all was going in my mind
I saw a book and I took it
Perusing through the pages
I suddenly felt I am not alone
To see my people by my side
All were there, rejuvenated
With the same cups in their hand
Again those revelry celebrations
And envious eyes
Happiness in every bit of my nerve
Brain bedraggled slowly into the chimerical yore
Sitting alone I closed the book
I beseeched god
"Turn the pages to the past"
There came a blare of light
Showing the Torn pages
The Days are gone forever
But forever, the days will be there
In my thoughts and in my dreams
And as I got up
Saw another man looking the bench wistfully.


IF you like the poetry and want to know more about these you can visit

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sometimes its real hard for me writing poetries…I was talking to some of my folks in office….and I just told them I need a good place to write poetries…..rather it means a good mind to write one…at the end of it its all in the mind right…..
So the work and place where I am is not a problem I guess……its just that my mind needs to be the way it would be if I am in a calm cool place…..

Anyway I badly want to go for a trek or a vacation soon…..i don’t think I can do that this week with the kind of work I have at the domestic front….
May be the month end……
I think this time I am not gonna wait for any of my friends…..if they join me fine …..other wise I am on my own…..
Sometimes we become too dependant on our friends to enjoy and feel you cant exist without there company in a new place…..and I am gona break it this time….
Roaler Coaster Ride

I was just wondering what my life is all about…..Its just a Roller coaster ride…..probably every ones is….but I am able to exactly experience it ….. I have gone through a major bad patch in my life…..and I am sure now I am on the going up phase again….
Some relationships that has gone…..some new….Some gone better….Some went from bad to worse….
Some friends to add….Some friends to kill….
Things are better seen as “ its all for good”….. I see that way as well….. any other way I would be a real bad pessimist……
Sometimes when I was so down…. I Had all the opportunity to make some decisions which wouldn’t have been all that pleasant…..things like …. “I shouldn’t trust any one”…. “People are bad”……. “No relationship last for ever”…….Thank god I didn’t do that……
I promise you it was not all that difficult to get into that conditioning…….it would have been soothing to my ego as well than to take responsibility for what had happened…..
But it gives a tremendous satisfaction to know that I still the same person without new stories attached in my mind after the traumatic period of my life time…..
Now the Roller Coaster is moving up…….its good to know that It will anyway come down again… that you don’t take it as a shock or surprise when it comes down…….And when it comes down… goes UP as well…..for all those who think life isnt all that good.......this is what one of my friends say...THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY WHEN THINGS HIT THE ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! UP!!